Satellite Internet

Our Cobham flyaway antennas can be easily deployed in any location where cabled or mobile internet is not available, with the option of our Pro service, contended at 25:1; this service is normally used for internet, wifi and streaming.

We also offer a un-contended 1:1 booked connection; this service is used for broadcast lives where latency delay can be an issue. Both services are suitable for any live event or as a temporary internet connection. Upload speeds range up to 10 Mbps with download speeds of up to 50 Mbps depending on the service used.


A dual system can also be installed for a independent transmit and receive option. The second system is normally used for media playback or for a comms channel like Skype or Zoom.


If you are still unsure on the type of internet connection you may need or if you have any questions,  please give us a call.