LiveU hire

We have range of LiveU encoders to suit any need or budget with crews located in the South (London) and North of England all experienced in news gathering and sporting industry.

  • Fully equipped crews with camera, lights, tripods, mics & LiveU.
  • Uplink over 4G and IP satellite for a guaranteed live service.
  • Standard definition, HD,  PAL or NTSC
  • LiveU Solo for basic web streaming to YouTube or Facebook.
  • LU200 encoder for town & city use that has good 4G mobile data coverage.
  • LU400 encoder for indoor town & city use with medium to good mobile data coverage.
  • LU700 used in remote locations with no 4G data available.
  • LU2000 remote server for back to back video link.
  • Rates available on request.


DSCN2150   LU200-pic1