Ka Satellite

SNG BROADCAST is experienced in providing equipment and crews with rapid response to breaking news. Our Ka-band (Vsat) satellite trucks, production vehicles and LiveU crews are based in the North and South of England, we cover all areas of the UK from London to Scotland.


  • Dual path – two separate IP feeds via one satellite truck.
  • Fully equipped LiveU crews with camera, lights, tripods & mics.
  • Cellular mobile with Ka satellite bonding.
  • Satellite uplink speeds booked up to 10 meg
  • Downlink speeds from 15 to 25 meg
  • On-pass to BT Tower (London)
  • HD vision mixer for single or multiple cameras.
  • Gigawave radio camera.
  • Wifi internet access.
  • Cobham 1.2m flyaway system for remote locations.