DSNG – KU Band

UKI-1693 is a dual path KU band satellite truck with multi camera outside broadcast production, ideal for news, sports, corporate event or as a satellite uplink feed. We are fast, flexible and cost effective supplying a full range of broadcast services in the UK.


  • Satellite capacity on ABS-3A, Asiasat, Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, Telenor & Telstar.
  • Connection to BT Tower and other fibre networks.
  • Adtec encoders, 4:2:2 10 bit, 16APSK & BISS encryption.
  • Gigawave radio camera and camera link.
  • Live stand up positions & sporting events.
  • Full ENG crew including Camera and Sound.
  • Highly experienced crews with a can do attitude!


Mercedes Sprinter
Vehicle registration: SNG 4K
Length: 6.8m, Width: 2.4m, Height: 3.1m, Weight: 4.5 tonne
Stability: HWH jacks on rear.
Clarke 7 meters mast for flying cables or remote RF.
Seating: in transit 2, on location 3 (Engineer desk, Producers desk, +1).
Lighting: internal and external ‘working’ lights.

1.8 meters Advent antenna 9.75GHz low 10.75 high GHz 1+1.
180w redundant stellar HPA’s.
Adtec EN100 encoders, SD MPEG2 (4:2:0 & 4:2:2) 8bit up to 1080i, SD HD MPEG4 (4:2:0) 8bit up to 1080i, HD MPEG4 (4:2:2) 10
bit up to 1080i, DVB-S, DVB-S2, QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK & BISS encryption.
8 embedded audio channels.
Ericsson RX8200 HD/SD receiver (BISS1, RAS decryption) DVB-S, DVB-S2/S2X, QPSK/8PSK, 16APSK.
80cm downlink antenna with dual FTA receivers.
Gigawave clip-on COFDM HD radio camera.
4G Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connectivity.

2x Raycom RTB base stations (IFB and director comms).
6x portable UHF icom radios – 12 radios on request
Peltor noise cancelling headsets 50m x 4 XLR cable ree
Glensound GSM TBU providing 4 wire / IFB
Glensound 4G portable TBU – on request
PD 310 paradise satellite 4 wire comms modem
IP landline telephone 4 wire / IFB
8 channel 4 wire system.
6 x 6 Prospect comms matrix.
8 channel talkback PTT panel on eng desk.
1 channel talkback PTT panel on producers’ desk.

2 channel PPM audio monitor with 1×6 input matrix
MACKIE 1604 VLZ 16 Channel audio mixer (stereo o/p, 2 x
AUX o/p, 2 subs)
4x analogue i/p into encoders
4x analogue o/p from IRDs
Audio embedding and de-embedding within Axon hardware.
32 x 32 audio router.
1 x 25m 8 way XLR cable reel – on request.
1 x 50m 4 way XLR cable reel – on request.
4 X 20m XLR cable.

Blackmagic Hyperdeck 10 bit 4.2.2 SSD recorder.
Teranex video standards converter
4x SDI/Composite tailboard o/p (off-air, video returns)
Panasonic AV-HS300 5 channel HD vision mixer
Blackmagic 17” LCD smart view monitor.
9x 5″ vutrix input monitors.
8x 7” monitors (2 on producer’s desk)
SD to HD video up / down conversion within Axon hardware.
Tektronix WVR 5000 HD/SD multi-function video signal monitor.
Field monitors on request.
Autocue teleprompter – on request.
2 x 50m HD-SDI digital coax reels.
2 x 100m HD-SDI digital coax – 4 reels on request
1 x 300m broadcast fibre 3 x 300m – on request

10 Kva (40A) on board generator.
3000 Va UPS used on HPA’s and encoders.
Multiple mains cables with 63A/32A/16A adapters
100m 16A extension reel – on request.
HMI, tungsten and LED lighting on request.