Our Ka-band satellite truck can be deployed in any location where cabled or mobile internet is not available. With the option of contract (25:1) or booked un-contended 1:1 internet connection, this service is suitable for any live broadcast or as a temporary internet connection, upload speeds range up to 10 Meg on our booked service or 6 Meg upload on contact service. Download speeds are around 30 Meg.

This is ideal for event broadband with wifi, internet connection for web streaming or IP comms for remote communications. In difficult locations, we use our Cobham 1.2m flyaway system and this can be easily set up for fast and reliable internet connection.


  • Ideal for broadcasters with no mobile phone service
  • Ka satellite uplink speeds booked up to 10 meg
  • Downlink speeds around 30 meg
  • Wifi internet access.
  • Cobham 1.2m flyaway system for remote locations.